Merry Christmas

Christmas is 10 days away, and we have a couple fun Magic events, as well as a storewide sale coming up.

Friday, december 16th, is our Food Drive FNM. You bring in Non-perishable food items, and you will get to spend them to purchase in game abilities. 

Saturday at 10am is our standard PPTQ. Win your seat at an upcoming RPTQ and qualify for the Pro-Tour!

Tuesday december 20th is our annual D20 sale. Come in ion Tuesday select the items you would liek to purchase, and roll a D20. You get a percentage off equal to your roll.

Have fun, drive safe, and have a Merry Christmas. Modern State Championships

Saturday, May 14th at 10am.

Join us in a modern tournament to crown a State Champion for Wisconsin.

Decks must be modern legal, decklists will be required, and we will be starting at 10am.

Black Friday weekend 2015

non BFZ fat packs - $30
All prerelease kits only $15
Current Duel decks - $15
Any Clash Pack $20
Any tin - $15
Noble Knights box - $25
All Bushiroad games up to 50% off
Dice Masters boxes 20% off
Pop figures 2 for $20
$5 off any Pokemon Deck, Tin or Box
Spend $100 get $10 in store credit
All board games buy 3 get 1 free
All single cards from display case 10% off
$1 off all Dragon Shield and KMC sleeves
Spin Down Dice 5 for $10
Buy 5 packs get 1 free - any game any pack

Now Hiring

Pink Bunny Games is now hiring!
If you are interested in a position here at Pink Bunny Games, please stop in and drop off your resume.
We are looking for someone that can work at least three 8 hour shifts per week, and we can schedule you for up to 40 hours a week.
Applicants must be available to work on Mondays Wednesdays and Friday or Saturday.
Applicants must be willing to work hard and fast, and have a positive attitude.
Activities you would be performing include, but are not limited to:
Placing cards into warehouse
Pulling orders from warehouse
Lifting and moving large boxes
Sorting cards
Packing and shipping orders
Assisting customers in the store
Occasional janitorial work
Stocking shelves and coolers
other duties around the store

This position is available to be filled in the next 2 weeks, and is not a seasonal position.

Standard PPTQ / TCGPlayer State Championship

Standard Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier / Standard State Championship

Win a slot in the next Regional PTQ, as well as points to play in teh $50k in December which is being held right here in Milwaukee. 

Event Details

Start Time : 10:00am

Entry : $25

Prizes : 1st place wins a slot into an RPTQ of their choice, points to enter the $50k event, and the title of Wisconsin State Standard Champion. Booster packs and door prizes will be awarded based on attendance.

We will also be holding a Standard Game Day later in the afternoon.

Battle for Zendikar Prerelease

The prerelease starts tonight, September 25th. 

We have 6 total events, starting at midnight tonight, 3 more events during the day tomorrow, and 2 more events on Sunday.

For a full list of these events, and all of the details, click the provided link

Pink Bunny Games facebook events page

PPTQ - May 16th

Enter for your chance to play in a regional PTQ and Qualify for the ProTour!
Start Time : 10am (registration starts at 9am, and we seat round 1 at 10am)
Entry : $30
Format : Standard - Swiss event with cut to Top 8.
Prize : 1st gets an invite to a regional PTQ of their choosing.
1 Box of prize packs will be added to the prize pool for every 8th player in the event.
There will be door prizes for this event as well, including something special that will only be possible to win if you preregistered for the event.

All entries will be sold on a first come first served basis, so preregistration is very important.

You can preregister online here.
You can view the facebook post here.

Dragons of Tarkir Release Weekend events

We have 3 BIG events scheduled for the Release weekend of Dragons of Tarkir

Here they are:

The FREE Player Appreciation Party: Friday 7pm

Free standard FNM where everyone receives a minimum of 1 prize pack, regardless of record!

The Sealed Box for a Box: Saturday 1pm

Players build a 60 card deck using the contents of a full box, win 3 rounds, and win another box!

The Fat Pack Fight: Saturday all day starting at 12:15pm 

Players build a 40 card deck using teh contents of a Fat Pack. We provide you with sleeves, and if you win 2 rounds, you win another Fat Pack.

We will also be hosting our regular weekend events, such as teh 1pm Standard Win a Box, and All day EDH every Saturday, so stop in and have some fun playing with the newest set,  Dragons of Tarkir!
 - Modern States

Pink Bunny Games is proud to present the Modern State Championships 
Entry Fee - $25
Format - Modern 
Attendance cap of 63 players.
If cap is met, we will TRIPLE the prize packs paid!

Get event details here.
Preregister here and also see the full prize details.




Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease

Get all the info you need for Dragons of Tarkir prereklease events in this post!
We will be hosting 6 prerelease events throughout the weekend, as well as 1 ongoing competition throughout the weekend.

First up is the Tarkir Dragonfury competition. Here are the details, and after we will also explain our special Pink Bunny Twist.
There's something a little special—and a lot dragon-y—coming to your local game store for the Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease.

We're doing something we've never done before. You're going to get to harness the power of a dragon and actually knock over those puny humanoids on the ground.

Are you ready? Introducing: Tarkir Dragonfury!

Every store will receive one of these wonderful boards, with pieces that stand upright on them. The board is a Tarkir landscape, and it's filled with pieces for you to knock down! It's up to you to deal with as many as possible.

Here's how it works.

Inside each Prerelease box is a special Spindown™ life counter, themed to the dragonlord you chose.

This represents your breath weapon. Now, it's time to put your breath weapon to use!

You'll get to go up to this board and assess it. Try and figure out the best angle of attack. And then, you roll your special Spindown™ "breath weapon" and try and knock down as many as pieces as possible!

Each piece has a point value on it. You get points equal to the total number you knock down.

But there's also a little bonus. See that circle in the top-middle? If your die ends up in there, you'll double your score! If you can aim just right, you'll rack up a massive score.

Looks like it's time to break out the rulers and talk to your friends who are good at physics to figure out the best way to try and roll at this!

But, of course, not all of us have that kind of patience. So you get two total rolls. (Resetting the board between each roll.) Whichever one you get a higher score on, write it down on the nearby scoresheet! That's the leaderboard. Try and get the most points out of anybody in your store!

Oh, and did I mention there are special promo card prizes?

I can't tell you exactly what cards you get just yet, but you can earn up to four alternative-artwork promotional cards depending on how well you roll—one of which is a rare Dragon! The breakdown works like this:

3 points—Land

9 points—Land and Common

12 points—Land, Common, and uncommon

18 points—Land, Common, Uncommon, and Rare

So, in short: you get to roll your Spindown™ breath weapon twice at any point between rounds, then score some nice promos based on how many points you get. Free stuff (while supplies last) and getting to be a dragon? Count me in!

Magic has really never done anything quite like this Tarkir Dragonfury activity, so head to a Prerelease and check it out! Let's see just how powerful of a dragon you are.

That is how the Dragon Fury part of the prerelease works, and here is the special Pink Bunny Twist. At the end of the weekend, the player with the highest point total will win their choice of a Dragons of Tarkir Fat Pack, or a free entry into one of our Fat Pack Fight events on Saturday March 28th.

The next ongoing competition, the Strongest Dragon at Pink Bunny Games!
We will be keeping tab, and at the end of the weekend, the player with the most Match Points throughout all swiss rounds will receive their choice of a free Fat Pack, or a free entry into our Fat Pack fight on Saturday March 28th. In the event of a tie, each players highest placing event will be used as a tie breaker, and whoever placed ahead of the most people in that event will be the winner.
This means you have an edge by playing in more events, so sign up for as many as you can, and win the awesome prizes in each event, as well as try your luck in the strongest dragon competition.

Finally we have our door prize prize wheel drawing throughput the weekend. Ever player that enters an event gets a prize ticket, and every Dragons of Tarkir item that you either purchase or preorder, and any deck protectors you purchase, will get you another ticket. We will draw tickets at the beginning of each swiss round of every event, and the ticket drawn gets to spin the prize wheel. Tickets received for playing in the event will only be used in the drawing for that event, but the preorder, and purchase tickets can be used in any sing;e event throughout the weekend, so you can stockpile them and use them all in the same event or spread them out in every event you play in.
Last but not ;east, here are all of the prerelease events we are hosting throughout the weekend:

Midnight Friday:

Prerelease Party Saturday noon:

Two Headed Giant Saturday 5pm:

Saturday Stamina 6pm:

Sunday - Case event noon:

Sunday Stamina event 6pm: