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Upcoming Special Events:

This is our event schedule at our Physical store.


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Magic: The Gathering Events

Yu-Gi-Oh! Events 

Dragon Ball Z Events 

Pokemon Events

Board Games



We have a static weekly event schedule as follows: 


- Open gaming


- Open gaming


- 6pm - Board Game Demo Night - Come in and learn a new game FREE

- 5pm - Heroclix


- 5pm - Dragon Ball Z - $5

-  Pokemon fun play - 5pm


  - 5pm - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Advanced

  - 7pm - $10 Standard FNM (big prizes) - (Magic: The Gathering)  entrants receive 2 participation packs and a promo + prizes based on record after 4 rounds of play.

  - 8pm Booster Draft


- 1pm - Standard Win-a-Box - (Magic: the Gathering)

- 2pm - 4 Man Commander* Pods  (ongoing all day)

- 6pm - Commander/EDH* for large Prizes (Magic: the Gathering)


- 4pm Yu-Gi-Oh! - Advanced


If there is an event that you would like to see in our store on a weekly basis, let us know about it, and we will try to get that event running for you!