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Pink Bunny Games is not currently hiring.



When we have a position open, 

The position would include sorting and processing collectible cards in our warehouse, light cleaning duties, mild to medium amounts of customer interaction, and other miscellaneous duties in our store.

Experience with Amazon, Ebay, TCGPlayer, Excel, working in a warehouse, using a large filing system, or organizing & running events are all a plus.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in obtaining a position here at Pink Bunny Games, please either bring a printed resume to the store (1204 Minnesota Ave - South Milwaukee, WI 53172) or email me (Damien) at Elpacifismo@aol.com and put "Resume" in the subject line of the email. Physical resumes will be looked at before email resumes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 414-304-5305 or send an email to Elpacifismo@aol.com.


Pink Bunny Games is always looking for persons to join our acquisitions team.  

This position is paid a commission for acquiring cards and collections. if you think you would be good at this type of work, or have experience with this type of work, contact us and let us know.