Hour of Devastation

Hour of Devastation is here!  Nicol Bolas is back with a horde of Egyption stylr gods at his side! Come on by to get packs of the new set, or join us on opening weekend for all of the sealed adventures.

Saturday 1pm : Sealed Box for a Box - $130 Players open a full box, play 3 rounds, and if you win all three rounds, you get another box!

Fat Pack Fights - $50 - On demand all weekend long - Players open a Fatpack, and build a 40 card deck. Play 2 rounds, and if you win them both, you get another Fatpack.

Sunday  1pm: Second chance prerelease - $30 - players open an Hour of Devastation prerelease pack, and build a deck. Play 3 rounds, Win a round, win a pack!

We will also have on demand booster drafts all weekend long, anytime there are 4 or 8 players we can start a draft. 

Don't forget, yiu can still get a buy a box promo (while supplies last) and booster box prices are still at the preorder rate until we close on Sunday July 16th, so hurry on in and take advantage of the deals, or play in teh awesome events.